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We’ve all heard the nightmares of the ‘freshman fifteen’ and might have even seen for ourselves what can happen when the homework piles up and our metabolism slows down. It’s okay, deep breaths, we’re here for you. Here’s some tips and advice on staying healthy in college.

1.) Find an activity that doesn’t feel like a workout. One of the greatest things about college is how it can introduce you to communities that you may not have thought of before. Take a couple free classes on campus. I can recommend the cycling (spin) classes and everyone should try the rock wall in the SRC. Another great activity that is perfect for the Boone area is hiking! It’s hard to complain about going on a two mile uphill walk when the view is so rewarding.

2.) Set aside time – Karley, one of the yoga instructors at the fitness classes offered by ASU, gives the advice, “Make a schedule and plan, even if it’s just weekly. That will make it way harder to put off.” Also, our last blog included a calendar so setting up a schedule is just a printer away!

3.) Attend those free fitness classes and FitClinics offered by ASU! They range from yoga to kickboxing to bellydancing. It’s almost impossible to not find something you love. Don’t feel like leaving your apartment? YouTube has several exercise videos ranging from yoga to intense dance classes.

4.) Get a reusable water bottle. The top three reasons: It helps the environment, it will remind you to drink water and most importantly, you can decorate it with stickers that will remind the world of who you are as an individual. Unless you’re like me and decorate it with with any stickers that are free; that’s okay too.

5.) Take part in a fitness challenge. ASU will put on challenges throughout the semester, and there are also national or global challenges you can take part in. The 52 hike challenge is one of my favorites and is perfect for anyone surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains.

6.) Set personal challenges. Counting steps is going to be more motivating than counting calories, and the more steps you take the more calories you can eat. It’s a win-win situation.

7.) Taking the stairs and and parking farther from your destination are barely noticeable things that still make a difference. Especially if you decided to follow the last piece of advice and set a challenge for yourself.

8.) Evaluate your body and decide on the diet that is best for you. Pinterest can be great for researching the multiple diet opportunities, but most will also claim that they are the best diet that exists. We suggest taking note of how you feel when you eat different foods and what your activity level is like, and talking to a nutrition specialist for extra advice. They were born for this. Or educated in it at the very least.

That being said, here’s some nutrition advice from personal trainer Kiersten Sieber that can make any diet easier:

“Buy frozen veggies, and only for a couple days worth of meals. That will make it less likely to waste the food. Keep meals simple. The more complex, the longer the prep time and the more expensive it is. I like to pick lunches on Saturday and prep on Sunday. Set yourself up for success by having them available to pop in the microwave. When you’re hungry you’ll eat anything and spend money if you don’t have a meal already prepared.”  -Kiersten Sieber, ACE nationally certified personal trainer 

10.) Last piece of nutrition advice: buy fruits and veggies that are in season and preferably local. Not only does it help your local economy, you can be more confident in the freshness of what you’re eating.

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