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Bombadil, of Durham, joined Ramseur Records in 2006 and has been busy touring all over the place since. If you have never listened to Bombadil, the best way for me to describe them is contagious quirky folk rock – like nothing that you have heard before. Their style will catch you off guard at first then you’ll like it. You’ll like it a lot.

(Fun Fact: Ramseur Records signed Bombadil after opening for The Avett Brothers)

Big thanks to James Phillips (drums) for hanging out with us after their set last night at Legends! Click here, listen to “Sad Birthday” (one of my favorites), and check out what James had to say about Bombadil in 5 minutes..


boone live music review bombadil

boone live music reviewboone live music review bombadil

live music boone review bombadil

boone live music review

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