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Whether you are going on your 1st date or your 1000th, it can be hard to figure out fun things to do that don’t break the bank, especially if you want to go on more than one a month!  If planned correctly, you can make the cost of one traditional date last for 5 fun dates that offer new experiences to get to know one another in a deeper way. Natural beauty surrounds us so taking a hike or having a picnic is a natural go-to in the mountains. Here are a few alternative date ideas based on our September calendar.

Week 1: 1st Friday

When: Friday, September 1st

The Idea: Experience art together, talk about what you like and dislike about different pieces you see. Interact with each other and others in new environments. Keeps you moving which offers new scenery and a way to communicate with less pressure. Free wine (if, of age) and horderves.

Week 2 - Music in the Valle (last one of the year!)

When: Friday, September 8th
Free + cost of food for picnic

The Idea: Get some friends together or go it alone. Pack a picnic (veggies, fruit, hummus, popcorn, cheese, chocolate and wine, perhaps), bring some lawn chairs and enjoy the music and people watching. Enjoy the beauty of the valley and sense of community. Bring a blanket for snuggling if it gets chilly. Bring some cards or a board game for more interaction with your sweetheart.

Week 3 - AMB- Children’s Council 40th Birthday Party

When: Sunday, September 17th
Cost: $10 for beer for 2, additional money to participate in the silent auction

The Idea: Fun atmosphere. Drink delicious beer while playing games like jenga or getting your face painted (yes, adults can have face paint too!), enter to win prizes, eat free cake, interact with passionate locals who are making a big difference. Show your passion for the local community. If you have the extra cash to spend take part in the silent auction! Date night + a good cause = Love!

Week 4 - Movie at the Museum - Wasteland

When: Thursday Evening, September 21st
Cost: $5 students with ID, seniors, active military, EBT cardholders, $7 general admission + $10 for coffee and dessert

The Idea: A different type of movie experience. Offers an opportunity to think together. Go to a local bar or coffee shop afterwards and chat about the documentary in more depth. Ask their perspective on parts of the movie that made you feel something, then, listen. Offers an opportunity for you to get to see the perspective and passion of the person you admire.

Week 5 - First Year Showcase – ASU

When: Friday, September 29th
Cost: $12 for adults, $7 for students

The Idea: Great energy. Fast paced, funny, and raw. Offers a fresh new experience for everyone. You will probably laugh a lot together!

One more! Taste of the High Country

A little more $ but worth the extra:
When: September 9th
Cost: $20 each

The Idea: Learn to cook! This could turn into a second date where you try to make something you watched the Chef make. Laugh a lot, give to a good cause.

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