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There is something that happens every first Friday of the month. People get together downtown for art galleries, music, and to stroll the local shops. This thing is called Art Crawl. This last Art Crawl may have been my favorite one yet and you should check it out if you haven’t yet!

A few tidbits on art crawling:

It’s always easy to find live music. Top spots are Black Cat, Boone Saloon, Murphy’s Pub. Or just look on the street. There was some really good folk music happening near Bead Box.

You’ll probably want to stop in at Anna Banana’s. It’s a little like finding good deals while simultaneously having a party. (One trio traveled in from Charlotte called Of Good Nature and put on an awesome jam in front of Anna Banana’s.)

Turchin Center for the Visual Arts is non-optional. They are always at work showcasing new creativity and attract a big crowd. One of their recent exhibits is titled “Stuff: Where does it come from and where does it go”. Shown at the top is a picture of it in the making (photo credit: Ben Wesemann).



Another gallery called The Collective features work from local artists and musicians and is located on Depot st. right beside Black Cat. There are different booths showcasing different artists with a little more laid-back atmosphere. Check it out.




One more thing:

Espresso News is now open until midnight. With their recent addition upstairs you now have your choice between wine, watermelon wheat beer or mocha. Sounds good to me.

See ya out there!

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