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The Boone Post Grad has limited choices when it comes to housing. One doesn’t really want to live in an apartment with students, but also doesn’t want to live alone in the middle of nowhere (at least I don’t…I am scared of the dark). It really makes things difficult when you have a big dog. I don’t know where all these rental companies think we Big Dog Lovers live. I’m sorry my dog is the same size as your 8 year old, but aren’t you kind of discriminating when the weight limit is 25 pounds? My dog is crate trained, doesn’t yap at strangers, and requires no bows or manicures…SORRY.

Surprise, Boone housing isn’t all that fabulous. If you want to live in one of those new apartments with 3 other roommates, it may be ok. But really, who wants 3 roommates? How do you fit everything in the fridge?

What to expect to find in your Boone rental:

  • Mold
  • Broken gutters
  • Tons of beer cans. Genesee. Really??
  • Tarps – my last house had 3 tarps. Thanks?
  • Critters
  • Unidentified building that may or may not be the CIA, next door.
  • Previous tenants’ thongs stuck in the dryer vent

As for Boone Management companies…gag me with a spoon. Has not ONE of you thought to treat college-aged kids nicely? Isn’t it your job to find us housing? Don’t you want my money? Am I missing something? I am not even a student and I have only been told “I would like to help you” once. (Kudos to Kate at Boone High Country Rentals. I hope your boss appreciates you.)

Here are some experiences I’ve had with Boone managing companies.

Appalachian Management – Led my roommate and I to believe that we were looking at The Last Apartment in Kingswood (in January). Our apartment should have had the carpet replaced or at least been re-painted, but we were too young and naive to realize this at the time. Did we live with red PJ stains on every floor? Yes. Did we have cigarette burns/holes/gaps in every room? Yes. Did we have a draft so bad in the winter that our curtains blew sideways? Yes. Did they give my roommate’s phone number out to random strangers wanting to see our apartment? Yes. Is Kingswood a great place to live and could have been worth it? Definitely.

(Sorry about throwing the broken ottoman, yoga ball, and various pumpkins off my 3rd floor porch)

Advanced Realty – Is it seriously hard to say “Thank you” after I hand you a check? When I asked them for a receipt they rolled their eyes. Every time. They took my check on the first of each month as “on time” for half a year, then randomly called me and told me “it’s now late on the first.” They couldn’t call it a Late Fee (legal reasons), so if you really want to tick them off, keep calling the money LATE FEE. In all caps.

(Sorry for losing the big trash can. I don’t know where it is. And no, I don’t know why I gained 3 extra recycling bins in my year there)

Local Landlord – This is the best way to go. I currently do this. I am worried that the roof may cave in, but that’s about it

(Sorry that I live with a male. I know that makes the elderly neighbors uncomfortable. Also, for the long Adele sessions he has with his surround sound)

The trick here is to do your homework. If you have questions, ask them. Get it in writing. If you need something fixed, make sure it’s in writing too. I found a PDF for you to read if you need help. http://www.ncdoj.com/files/consumer/landlord-tenant-booklet.aspx (PDFs are the superior, universal file type. Live it. Learn it. Love it)

PS: my dog doesn’t crayon on the walls like your 3 year old does.

You’re Welcome,

Annie Waits

Email me/comment your horror stories or advice!  anniewaitsboone@gmail.com

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