High Country 365’s Internship Program allows you to participate in the everyday activities and responsibilities of a creative agency. Interns get to work on both HC365 brand and client projects for their time with the company. We promise you’ll never have to get coffee for people (unless getting coffee for other people is also your passion, then we’ll take it). We want you working on major projects to help build your portfolio.  An internship with HC365 will teach you more in a few months than you could ever imagine. Bonus, our intern’s work is always used.

Who are we and what do we do exactly? Here’s a quick rundown: We’re just a group of locals dedicated to providing our audience the best of what’s going on across our beautiful mountain region of Western North Carolina.  We provide resources to residents and visitors of the High Country by keeping track of the best events and happenings, and sharing the best deals in the area through our website, mobile app and social media.  You love the High Country, you say?! Well, we do too! Even if you don’t jump for joy whenever you see the letters H and C anywhere together, your time here will help you to appreciate this beautiful place even more.


We hold internships year-round related to the following programs:

  • -Advertising/Copywriting
  • -Graphic Design
  • -Public Relations
  • -Journalism
  • -Marketing
  • -Videography


We want a copywriter that geeks out writing for social media, and a designer that’s willing to fly to the moon over font choices. To put it more simply, we’re looking for  folks with passion. So by now you should be asking if you qualify for the position. Here’s what we’re looking for: Experience with the Adobe Creative Suite (or other programs related to your focus), strong research and work ethic characteristics, an ability to conceptualize and successfully convey ideas, an ability to work just as well alone as you do on a team, and most importantly you should be organized, energized and self-motivated


  • -Internships typically last one semester, but can be extended if Intern wishes to do so
  • -Minimum 6 hour work week
  • -Eligible for course credit
  • -Unpaid Internship



To apply email your resume to info@highcountry365.com.  A portfolio is not required, but we would love to see any work you have available. We look forward to working with you!

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