$45 Dining Pass

$45.00 $30.00

Our most popular, easy to use BOGO entree coupon book is filled with coupons from popular restaurants and will lower your cost of eating out.

  • 44 Restaurants
  • Over 73 Free Meals
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Sometimes, in rare form, there is a person brave enough to pick up the check at the table, not having any idea how large or small the bill might be. We look up to that person with a sense of gratefulness and appreciation and look forward to the time that we too might be able to pick up the check. Well hero, you’re time is here. Presented before you is our BOGO Entree Card. Show these coupons to the restaurant listed and you will receive a free meal, cutting down your bill. It’s your turn to bring a smile to the table with this tool designed to save you money.

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